Final Girls

Final Girls

In the past few day’s I’ve read some great mystery novels. One of them is Final Girls, by Riley Sager. I have read two of his past novels The House Across The Lake & Survive The Night. Final Girls does not disappoint. Three women Quincy,  Lisa & Sam all survived brutal crimes while the rest of their friends died and the media put them in an unofficial club called The Final Girls (hence the name of the novel). Despite the media wanting the women to meet for an interview it never happened. Quincy is doing better, according to her. Quincy is on Xanex, there’s a guy she sees a future with and she has a baking blog and is friends with the handsome cop who saved her named Coop. Quincy can’t remember all the details of what happened that night at Pine Cottage as her mind blocked out all the terrible memories of the murders. Little does Quincy know her life is about to blow up again. Sam befriends Quincy and is trying to get her to remember, and Lisa’s suicide turns out to not be a suicide after all.



What if Sidney Prescott from Scream, Laurie Strode from Halloween and Jennifer Love Hewitt from I Know What You Did Last Summer, formed a group for final girls and helped others who suffered the way they did? The premise is genius because while none of those characters are in the novel, you know that’s what the plot is going with. Three survivors of something that would fit into a slasher movie, forming a support group is a great idea for a book and a movie/tv series. I like most of the characters but my favorite character is Quincy, she’s has a blog and even though it’s a baking blog, she and I have something in common which is we both like to blog. Who the murderer was, was in fact a good twist and not predictable which is what I like. I also liked how it went back into the past to try to piece together all the parts of what happened at Pine Cottage.



I would say I think the book could have been shorter as the story went on and on a bit before we actually see Quincy trying to find out what happened to Lisa. I also felt Quincy’s boyfriend Jeff was forgettable at best. He keeps telling her every five minutes, “you don’t behave like a victim which is what I like”.  It gets very repetitive. I also felt he wasn’t the most understanding boyfriend in the world. Also the parts where Quincy and Sam were at the park in the middle of the night added nothing to the story for me.



I enjoyed the novel a lot. Was it great literature? No. If you’re in the mood for a quick read that has some mystery and horror in it, check it out. Fans of horror movies like Halloween, Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, will enjoy The Final Girls. Speaking of I know Hollywood has the rights to Final Girls. Get going on making the movie Hollywood. We could use originality again.