Every Summer After

Every Summer After

While I was sick with Covid back in September, Every Summer After by Carley Fortune was one of the books I ordered from Amazon as I laid in bed. I started it and then for whatever reason didn’t continue. I started it again this past week and I’m glad I did, it’s another novel I sped through. Every Summer After is a novel about Persephone who is nicknamed Percy, and Sam who become friends one summer when Persephone and her family travel to their lake house. Over the course of several summers they grow up and develop feelings for one another. Though something happens where things go terribly wrong, years later a tragedy brings Persephone and Sam back in each other’s lives.



I love the setting. It’s in Canada and I can picture the Lake and the homes overlooking it. It was as though I was already there. Every Summer After is a debut novel but you wouldn’t be able to tell because of how descriptive the writing is. I also love all the characters and their flaws. I like how Persephone is a writer and she’s into books and horror movies. These are things Persephone and I have in common. I also like that Persephone grows as a character and she admitted to her friend who I didn’t like at first, that she was wrong and apologized.



I think the book should have been a little longer. Partly because it was that good, the other part is it took a while to get to what exactly happened that broke Sam and Persephone up. It also seemed certain bits were tied up too much, which I won’t get too detailed about because it would spoil the novel.




Overall I really enjoyed this novel.  Carley Fortune is excellent at her craft and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. I also can’t wait to do a Q&A with her this year. Watch out for it everyone.