Echo Road

Echo Road

During a heatwave, Sherrif Bree Taggart responds to a call of a suspicious suitcase found at the side of the road. Smelling awful, Bree opens it to find two rotting bodies stuffed inside. Across the country in Oregon, a senator’s daughter is missing, and it leads FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick to New York where she and Bree Taggart meet and find the missing senator’s daughter & the murdered women are connected somehow. Bree & Mercy are racing against time to stop the murderer before he kills again.


Story, Writing & Characters

The story was good. After finishing it I read in the acknowledgments section that it was inspired by a real case. It did drag here and there but I liked it. I liked that the story switched from the point of view of Bree, Mercy, Paige & the killer who for awhile we will know only as Him. Him’s perspective is creepy. Keep in mind, there is BDSM & violence. I love the characters of Bree & Mercy and the two women work well together. I could see this as a television series that I would watch. For those who don’t know, these two characters are from two different series that cross over into this book. If you enjoy crossovers (I know I do despite never reading the individual series) you will enjoy this book.



If you enjoy crossovers, mystery thrillers, The Mercy Kilpatrick & Bree Taggart novels, you should get a copy of Echo Road by Melinda Leigh & Kendra Elliot. The book was released on July 2nd and is available to buy now! Thank you, two ladies, for such a great story and for the Q&A!