Echo a story that echos

Echo North a story so wonderful that it echo’s

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. The last book I read at the end of the New Year was Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer. The book is about a girl named Echo that makes a deal with a wolf to let her father live if she lives with the wolf for a year in the castle. Its filled with plenty of magic, adventure and of course romance. It is taken from bits of other fairytales like the Norwegian fairytale East of the Wind West of the Moon, Tam Lin a Scottish fairytale with elements of Beauty and the Beast in it. It’s a young adult book and since I’m in my later twenties I’m hesitant about the young adult genre since I grew out of it, but this novel sucked me in. I didn’t feel tempted to skip to the end, or count how many pages there were left. If you’re a fan of fantasy and fairytales I suggest you check out this book.



Echo is the main female character of the novel. Echo reminds me of Belle, she cares for others and is willing to do whatever it takes to save the ones she loves. Echo knows something is mysterious about the castle and she has to magically quilt the castle to keep it from unwinding and destroying itself. Echo makes friends with the wolf and with Hal, a mysterious man trapped inside magical book mirrors.


Wolf was put under a curse. Throughout the book he refers to his enemy as “She”.


Hal is trapped inside the book mirrors that Echo travels in. He seems to not remember his previous life before he was trapped inside the stories.


Plot Twist

The plot twist and climax was Hal and the wolf are the same person. Echo almost breaks the curse but she failed but then Echo makes the deal with the evil witch herself. If she could hold on to him despite what the sorceress did, she and Hal would be free. A lot of people probably didn’t like Hal because he made a deal previously before falling for her that if he’d trade Echo in but at the time he was desperate. He obviously realized his error and after all is said and done, Echo forgives him. I don’t want to give away too much more but all ends well of course.


Is It Worth the Read?

If you’re a fan of fairytales, fairytales with a twist and fantasy, I suggest you read this. Don’t let the fact that its young adult scare you. Even if you don’t feel like buying it check and see if your library has it. The writing is also very descriptive and takes you to the snowy atmosphere. Since were in the middle of winter it’ll definitely give you the wintery mood.