Dangerous Inspiration

Dangerous Inspiration

Detective turned novelist Ronan Mezini has synesthesia which is a condition that turns sounds into colors. The synesthesia is this condition that gives Ronan insight that has helped him solve cases in the past. What Ronan thought would be a great retreat away with different artists at an estate in Vermont turns into a modern-day version of And Then There Were None during a snow blizzard as one by one, each of the guests end up dead. Each of the guests have a murky past. One of them is a murderer.  It is up to Ronan Mezini to solve the case.


Story, Writing & Pacing

The story of course will hook anyone who is a reader of great mysteries. I like that the story is from Ronan Mezini is from his point of view. It’s interesting that he has this synesthesia which turns sounds into colors and it’s something I never knew existed. I could picture the snowy blizzard in Vermont. I think Gregs journalism skills have helped with writing this book since it is his debut novel. The only thing is, he’s so used to writing journalistic news that you can tell this is his first fiction book as the story drags a bit. I’m being gentle since this is his first fiction book.




If you enjoy mystery books knock yourself out and read this one and give it a try. Is it one of the greatest mysteries to be solved of all time? No. Is it the most predictable story of all time? No. I will still give Greg Stone another shot in the future whether it is fiction or nonfiction. I just think his strength lies in nonfiction and journalism.