Coutning Lost Stars

Counting Lost Stars

Counting Lost Stars is a dual timeline that goes from 1960 New York to World War II Holland. In the 1960 timeline Rita Klein is an unwed mother who gave up her baby for adoption. Rita is trying to move on with her life by taking a job in computer programing and she meets a man named Jacob Nassey who had a troubled history in the Netherlands losing his family during World War II. Rita sets out to help Jacob find the answers he desperately needs. In World War II Holland Cornelia is working as a punch card operator for her father that gives the Nazis info about the Jewish population. Cornelia sets out to fight back and help her unconventional friend, neighbor and artist Leah Blom.


Pros & Cons

I like how in the author’s note the author included that some of her family history is what inspired the story. She also put in the research into it. I did like Ritas story better than Cornelia. Unfortunately while it was a quick read it took a bit to get interesting in my opinion. While some sex scenes are okay, I’m not a fan of overly descriptive ones like I read in this one.



While there were things about it that I liked it really wasn’t for me. While I like dual timelines in books, I think this book would have been more interesting if it was just from Rita’s point of view and she’s helping Jacob find the answers he wanted.