Code Name Helene Mini-Series

Code Name Helene Mini-Series

For those who’ve read the book “Code Name Helene,” by Ariel Lawhon there is exciting news, there will be a mini-series based on the book. I plan on reading, “Code Name Helene,” in the future not just because of the upcoming mini-series but because it is based on the true story of Nancy Wake.  Nancy Wake was a New Zealand born Australian that moved to France, married a Frenchman and became a part of the French Resistance during World War II. I’m so glad her story is being told because she isn’t very well known and deserves to be. Below is the exciting news from Lawhon herself from her instagram account.



✨✨BOOK NEWS✨✨ Since this was officially announced I guess the cat is out of the bag. 😍😍 (I’ve known for months and couldn’t tell). So I am over the moon to finally be able to share that CODE NAME HÉLÈNE is coming to television as a tv series starring Elizabeth Debicki!!! Honestly, I can’t wrap my head around this. I don’t think I ever will. But here is the one thing I know, the thing I’ve said since I began writing this book all those years ago: Nancy Wake deserves to be a household name. She should be taught in history books worldwide. Little girls should dress up as her for Halloween. And I’m thrilled more people will know her story now. All my thanks to @anoncontent Vendôme Group @doubledaybooks @thebookgrp and @elisabethweed for bringing her this far. Three cheers for Nancy!!! ✨✨✨🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉



Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki  from the movie Tenet will star as Nancy Wake, and eventually she will play another historical character, Princess Diana in one of my favorite shows about royals called, The Crown on Netflix for seasons 5 and 6. I’m very excited that they are telling Nancy Wake’s story, because theres a lot of history, especially during World War II that we don’t know about especially how involved women were. I hope this news kicked off your morning (or evening depending where you are in the world lol)! As always happy reading!