Christina Lauren & Stephen King News

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Christina Lauren & Stephen King News

I have more book related news to share with you all. Sometimes I enjoy doing separate newsletters for each thing I get news of. Other times I like talking about multiple book related projects in one newsletter. The first bit of news I will talk about I found out about weeks ago. On Christina Lauren’s instagram account they posted a picture of something that looks like a script. It has the title Roomies at the very top. Below the title it says Written by Christina Lauren and below that it says Based on the novel by Christina Lauren. It teases that there is a movie in the works. While there isn’t much to go on about whose being casted or if it will be on a streaming device or in the theaters.

After doing some research according to Andy Fickman will direct and produce the movie with Channing Tatum’s ex-wife Jenna Dewan’s and her company Everheart Productions. The book is about a woman that marries an illegal immigrant so he could stay in the country and star in a Broadway musical. Their fake romance turns into something real. I hope their other books “The Unhoneymooners,” and “In a Holidaze,” gets an adaption as well since I enjoyed “The Unhoneymooners,” so much.


Stephen King’s novel “Firestarter,” is getting made into a movie again. I can already feel everyone on the internet groaning. I understand being sick of things being remade, rebooted, getting a sequel, prequel or a spin off. In the case of Stephen King and any authors whose books were butchered by Hollywood, I can understand why “Firestarter” is being rebooted. According to director Keith Thomas, the reboot will follow the novel more closely. According to Keith Thomas, “I’m excited about doing a different, a new adaptation of the book, and getting into some things that the original film didn’t – some things that I think are kind of core to what the book is,” Thomas told CinemaBlend. “And at the same time it’s both true to the story and true to the heart of the book, but at the same time we’re living in a different era than the early ’80s, and I think there’s a lot of stuff to explore in it that that King obviously is hinting at throughout the book that I don’t see as much in the original film that I think we can really dive into.”


The book is about Charlie McGee who has pyrokinetic powers, her and her father have to live life on the run when the government has plans of using her as a weapon. The original 1984 movie based on the book starred Drew Barrymore long before her Charlies Angels days.