Candlelight Bridge

Candlelight Bridge

It is the year 1910, twelve-year-old Candelita Rivera and her family make the choice to flee across the scorching hot Chihuahuan Desert to America, the land of opportunity to escape the rising violence of the Mexican Revolution. Twenty-year-old Yan Chi Wong flees the Chinese revolution and the tragic loss of his fiancé to start a life in America. The two eventually meet in El Paso Texas where they struggle but are determined to live the American Dream.


Writing, & Pacing

The writing is beautiful, and I feel as though I were with the characters. Cara Lopez Lee has a gift with beautiful writing. My favorite character that I admire? I admire Candelita. Candelita is a strong female character that doesn’t let the hardships of life destroy her gentle strong spirit she’s gone through a difficult journey across the dessert to struggling with motherhood and being mistreated and being an unwelcome stranger in her new land. I think the problem for me was the pacing was too slow. It felt as though the story dragged on forever. Maybe if the book had been a bit shorter, I would have enjoyed it more.




 Overall if you don’t mind the pacing being slow, you will enjoy the historical fiction novel Candlelight Bridge came out on May 28th and is available to purchase now.