Business or Pleasure

Business or Pleasure

Back in May I emailed Kristin Cipolla asking if New York Times Bestselling author Rachel Lynn Solomon would be available for a Q&A. While Rachel wasn’t available for a Q&A Kristin was kind enough to mail me a copy of her upcoming release Business or Pleasure which will be released on July 4th. Business or Pleasure, is about ghost writer Chandler Cohen and actor Finn Walsh. The two have a hook up that was more awkward than Finn thinks it is after Chandler already had a bad day. Chandler wants to forget that it ever happened. It’s easier said than done when she encounters Finn again and is hired to ghost write his memoir. Chandler also gives him pointers on being better in the bedroom. Though slowly overtime they learn more about themselves and each other and could there possibly be more?


Pros & Cons

I really enjoyed Business or Pleasure, and I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this book considering the premise. Though the book isn’t just about sex. Chandler and Finn grow as characters and help each other. I sped through this in a couple of days and Business or Pleasure was my very first time reading from Rachel Lynn Solomon and I can’t wait to read her earlier books as well as anything else she writes in the future. One of my favorite parts is Finn helps Chandler realize that it’s better to take a risk instead of always wondering what if? There are sensitive topics covering OCD, Panic Attacks and an abortion.




Overall for my first time reading from Rachel Lynn Solomon I was very impressed. I can’t wait to read everything Rachel writes in the future as well as her older work. I also hope in the future when Rachel is available I can do a Q&A with her. Thank you Kristin Cipolla for the early copy.