Bookshop Cinderella


Bookshop Cinderella

You know immediately when there’s a book you know you’re going to love immediately? I know I do. Bookshop Cinderella by Laura Lee Guhrke is one of those books I knew I would enjoy. I had a galley on Netgalley but ran out of time to read it, I then bought it at Barnes & Nobles and I’m glad I had time this week to read it. Evie Harlow spends her days running her bookshop in London. One day a customer Max Shaw Duke of Westbourne and his friends make a wager that if Max can make Evie the belle of the ball and present her into high society, he’d win a hundred pounds. Evie initially refuses participating at first until a disaster happens at her shop leaving her no choice. While Max prepares her for high society by teaching her dancing and having her stay at the savoy with servants dressing her, the two never imagined they would both steal each other’s hearts.

 Writing, Storytelling & Characters

I love the plot. It’s a blend of Cinderella meets My Fair Lady with the wager and Max making Evie Harlow apart of high society just like Henry Higgins did with Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. The only difference is, Evie didn’t have a cockney accent and she loved her books and Max was more of a gentleman than Henry Higgins. The descriptive writing took you to the time period and I could see the bookshop and how people dressed back then and pictured how the characters would look. I don’t have anything negative to say about the book. Just that I wish it didn’t have to end.



If you’re a fan of historical romance & books that have bookshops in them I recommend Bookshop Cinderella. Thank you Laura Lee Guhrke for the wonderful book, I hope to do a Q&A with you and I can’t wait to read the sequel coming in 2024.