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Book News from Seraphina Nova Glass

Seraphina Nova Glass who is an amazing mystery thriller author shared some great book related news! Her novel On A Quiet Street was optioned by Marvista Entertainment. On A Quiet Street takes place in Brighton Hills Oregan which is a neighborhood which is luxurious and has natural beauty to it. Cora thinks her husband is being unfaithful, she just needs evidence to prove it. Paige comes in and agrees to help Cora find out who her husband truly is. Paige is already developing a habit of spying on people and trying to prove that her son’s hit and run accident a year ago was no accident. Georga is a new neighbor that is behaving rather strangely.

I definitely had plans on reading On A Quiet Street but now that its been optioned I know I definitely want to read it and compare it to the movie and do a book vs movie review on it. I love a great mystery and we honestly need new mysteries to grace both the silver screen and the small screen. I will update everyone when I find out more. Now on to the next bit of news.

 Seraphina’s next novel coming in spring of 2025 is titled The Oleanders. The Oleanders, takes place in Northern Minnesota at a retirement home. In this small snowy town, stalking, missing persons, and murder are taking place. I’m already hooked, and I haven’t even read it yet. Theres so many twists and turns that this novel can go in.