Book Lovers

Book Lovers

Thursday after finishing Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr, I began reading the novel Book Lovers by Emily Henry and finished it today. I had gotten a copy of Book Lovers from Walmart back in the late summer and it sat on my shelf for months. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it?  Maybe I wasn’t ready for such a book yet? I’m glad I finally picked it up and sped through it. Nora Stephens life is books and the stories within them. Nora is a cutthroat literary agent who’s an advocate for her author clients and her younger sister Lily. Libby is the reason Nora goes on a vacation with her to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina for the entire month of August. Libby is hoping Nora finds a romance right out of a Hallmark movie. Instead of running into a small town guy who wears flannel, she runs into Editor Charlie Lastra from back in the city. Nora and Charlie have met a couple times in the past and it’s been anything but a romance or a friendship. As time goes on they realize things about each other and themselves.



I like the fact that yes it’s a novel for people who love writers and books, it’s also about sisterhood and growth. All the characters grow and change. Although some describe this as a book for anyone who enjoys Hallmark movies as well I disagree with that because it doesn’t follow all of the usual Hallmark movie tropes in my opinion. If I go too into detail I would spoil too much about the book.  I also liked that there was a nod to Emily’s previous novel Beach Read. My favorite quote from the novel is This I think, is what it is to dream and I finally understand why Mom could never give it up, why my authors can’t give it up, and I’m happy for them, because this wanting, it feels good, like a bruise you need to press on, a reminder that there are things in life so valuable that you must risk the pain of losing them for the joy of briefly having them. This quote is a powerful one because it reminds us that if you really desire something, if it’s a dream that you have in your heart that you must take the plunge and go after it and not give up. It makes me think about my dream of being a blogger and to make an income from it. I haven’t given up. I also have stories in my head and I’m going to write one of them in my own novel.



There wasn’t anything I disliked honestly. The story was so good I wished it could have continued.



Overall I thought Book Lovers was brilliant. Not only is it a typical rom com with books and writing, it’s also about family, sisterhood, growth and going after your dreams. If you enjoy rom coms especially ones about books and all the other themes I mentioned, you will enjoy Book Lovers by Emily Henry.