Blink Twice If You Love Me

Blink Twice If You Love Me

Last night I began reading Blink Twice If You Love Me, by author Lurie Beach. It’s the second book in a series but you can read it as a standalone. I finished it this afternoon. Krista Hassell might be part of the poorest least popular family in Crickley Creek South Carolina but that doesn’t stop Krista from attempting to rise above her circumstances and not end up with her mother. Krista has the boyfriend and the plan. Unfortunately tragedy strikes in her family and she’s forced to open her eyes to the changes she needs to make. It also helps that army veteran Johnny Merrick came for the summer and is staying next door. Could their friendship become more?


Plot & Writing

The plot was very good and it was a quick read. The writing was descriptive as I can picture the characters and the setting especially the fireflies and the marsh. The book kept me up way past how long I would stay up is all I have to say.


Characters & Character Development

My favorite character is obviously the female lead Krista. I like that Krista evolved from an overly naive and insecure woman to someone who realizes her worth, despite what the town says or thinks. I could see myself being friends with Krista and helping her because she was overly naïve especially when it came to her boyfriend who was a total jerk.  I also like her brother, Emma & Johnny.



If you’re in the mood for a quick romantic read about a woman who finds her worth pick up the book Blink Twice If You Love Me by Laurie Beach. Thank you Laurie Beach for the copy of this book, I look forward to our Behind The Book Q&A!