Between Two Strangers

Between Two Strangers

On Sunday I started reading Between Two Strangers by Kate White. Between Two Strangers is about a woman named Skyler Moore an artist and graphic designer who gets a three million dollar trust fund from the late Christopher Whaley who she later remembers was a one night stand from twelve years ago. Christopher’s family is suspicious as well as his widow. Skyler has to find out why Christopher left her this money and who is stalking and harassing her due to it. Between you and I, this book was somewhat of a letdown.



There were things I enjoyed. I like the main character of Skyler and how she’s into art. The book was short and at least it was trying to build up to something.



Unfortunately this is time I’m not getting back. The book kept building up this great mystery as to who was harassing Skyler and why and why Christopher gave her the money, and then when we get to the end it was rather disappointing. It also seemed to drag in places despite me getting through the book quickly. Luckily I received a free copy of this novel last month. If I did not, this review would have been much harsher.





Overall it seemed the story had an idea of where it wanted to go but it seemed as though the author had to finish the story before the deadline was like, “I better put an ending together fast.” Regardless if you want to read this pre-order the book now if you can’t get an early copy or read it on netgalley. The book comes out on May 16th 2023.