Behind The Book With Kalee Boisvert

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Behind The Book With Kalee Boisvert

Back in March Mickey Mikkelson connected me with Kalee Boisvert for a Q&A. Today I have the honor again of doing this Behind The Book with Kalee for her new release Make Money Your Thing, which is about helping women with their finances. I definitely want to pick this one up. 

Q: What made you want to write Make Money Your Thing, and to help women specifically?

A: I was raised by a single mom, the hardest-working person I know, yet money remained scarce in our household. Entering the finance industry, my goal was to alleviate the financial stress that women, like my mom, endure. But the very first finance role I landed in I struggled to find the women that I wanted to support. It seemed to be primarily men that were taking the lead with the family finances. So as a young new person to the role I kept my head down and got the work done, assuming women just weren’t interested. Several years later, during maternity leave with my daughter, I realized I couldn’t accept the status quo. I needed to embrace my original purpose – empowering women in their financial lives. In a male-dominated industry, I created a safe and welcoming space for women by offering exclusive women-only financial literacy sessions on various money and investing topics. Women not only showed up but filled the room, proving their genuine interest. When the pandemic forced in-person events to stop, I decided to write a book for women about money. “Make Money Your Thing!” encapsulates everything I want women to know about finances in one place. 

Q: How long did it take you to write the book?

A: I began writing the book in 2020 while juggling a full-time business. Initially, my aim was to craft a polished four chapters to submit to agents and publishers in pursuit of publication. Despite my efforts, I received little interest, leading me to doubt the feasibility of my writing dream and to pause on the writing. But participating in a Canada-wide writing contest and becoming one of three finalists reignited my determination and I started to write again. Though I didn’t win, one of the contest organizers was launching her publishing firm and expressed interest in publishing my book. This spurred me to complete the manuscript. In total, the writing process spanned around two years, factoring in pauses, but the actual writing probably took just over a year.


Q: What do you hope your readers take away from reading Make Money Your Thing? 

A: My aspiration is for readers to feel empowered to take inspired financial actions after reading “Make Money Your Thing!” Building wealth and achieving financial success hinge on taking action. What I’ve observed throughout my career is that I can provide clear guidance on steps to create wealth, but many people hesitate to act. I realized that this inaction isn’t just laziness; it’s often driven by fear, overwhelm, and confusion regarding their finances. Consequently, they’re less inclined to pursue the recommended paths to achieve their financial goals. The missing element is confidence. “Make Money Your Thing” is written to instill confidence at any stage of your financial journey so that you feel prepared to take action!

Q: How did you learn all the information that you put in your book?  

A: The content in the book draws from my educational background in finance, encompassing my journey from undergraduate studies to an MBA in Finance. Additionally, it’s enriched by my hands-on experiences working with clients. Within the book, I weave narratives of real women, allowing readers to connect with their stories. Whenever a recurring theme emerged, I illustrated it through a specific story, aiming for readers to identify with these women and their experiences to envision the possibilities for themselves. I also candidly share my personal experiences, highlighting the moments of growth and even some humorous anecdotes to demonstrate that even as a “money expert,” I’ve had my unique journey.