Behind The Book With Cathy Maxwell

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Behind The Book With Cathy Maxwell 

A year ago I was delighted & honored doing a Q&A with New York Times Bestselling Author of historical romance Cathy Maxwell. This year I am excited to be collaborating with her again in doing this Behind The Book Q&A for her recent release One Dangerous Night! 

Q: Cathy, would you please give a brief description of the novel One Dangerous Night? 

A: First, thank you for having me back. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about Kit and Elise.

Okay—you are asking a hard question. No one likes to talk about their books. Wait, nix that, I don’t like to describe a story. Because, once it is in the hands of a reader, the purpose, the themes, they all change. A reader brings their imagination into the mix and, well, that is when the magic happens. I don’t want to put thoughts in a reader’s head.

Suffice it to say, ONE DANGEROUS NIGHT is when a young woman in a fit of temper (I’ve had more than a few of those in my life) decides to run away. She ignores all proprieties and warnings that the world isn’t safe for a woman alone (I’ve also done that a time or two). 

She runs into a man who has his own regrets and struggles. But I don’t think their meeting happenstance. My personal experience has been that love happens when we least expect it. I believe falling in love is nothing less than a miracle. I know it has the power to change the course of our lives . . . sometimes for a week or two and, sometimes, forever. Whichever direction it takes, we are changed. 

Spoiler alert: This is a forever love.

And, since readers like tropes—Enemies to lovers, strangers, danger, strong-willed characters, humor, and gut punches.

Q: Without spoiling too much, which scenes were your favorite to write in One Dangerous Night? 

A:My favorite scenes are when our heroine Elise finally stands up for herself, and Kit listens to her. It takes courage to speak up. I like a character with courage. I also think a lover who can listen is a keeper.

Q: While I understand One Dangerous Night is the second book in the Gamblers Daughter series, can anyone read these books as a standalone as well as in chronological order? 

A: Yes, it can be read as a standalone. 

Q: How long did it take you to write One Dangerous Night? 

A: Too long. I find the longer I’ve been writing, the harder it is to craft a meaningful story. Someone asked if I am afraid of plagiarism. No, I’m afraid of plagiarizing myself and giving readers a retread of a previous book. Storytelling is work. When I hit the notes and the book sings, it is great work. When I’m frustrated that I can’t dig deeper, it is a pity party.

Q: What lessons do you hope readers learn after reading One Dangerous Night?

A: This book is about two young people who are impetuous. Kit is a character from the “Gentleman’s Guide to Dangerous Women” series. He lost a sense of himself. But we all keep growing. We change. ONE DANGEROUS NIGHT is his redemption and is coming of age. He needs to have a reckoning with himself. I firmly believe that people can change. There is no situation too hopeless that it can’t be made better once love is involved. However, the decision to change is in the hands of the individual. Elise is forcing Kit to be a better man. Then again, is she woman enough to walk beside him? Because isn’t that what love is—two people whose steps have fallen into line with each other’s?