Beautiful Ruins movie

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Beautiful Ruins movie

I hope everyone is starting off their day well especially if you’re reading a good book. For fans of  the novel “Beautiful Ruins,” by Jess Walter you read the title of the headline correctly it has been confirmed by multiple sources that “Beautiful Ruins,” will be made into a movie.  Below is the description of the novel that I got from Variety who spoke to other sources. I haven’t read the book, but the description alone is enough to capture anyone’s attention.

 The story is set in an Italian seaside village in 1962, where a charming young man runs a hotel with no guests, until one day an American starlet, fresh from the set of “Cleopatra,” appears and captures his heart. Five decades later in Hollywood, a jaded assistant to a once-powerhouse producer gets caught up in the magic of the Italian’s story, and takes it upon herself to find a happy ending.

British director/producer Sam Mendes who recently did the movie 1917, will be one of the producers behind “Beautiful Ruins.” New Zealand director Nikki Caro will direct. In case you don’t know, Nikki Caro recently directed the Disney live action Mulan film, (which will be pushed back again to August 21st.). Nikki has also directed  Whale Rider and North Country, and The Zookeeprers Wife.