Beasts and Beauty Mini-Series

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Beasts and Beauty Mini-Series!

I meant to write this newsletter yesterday but the day got away from me. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything don but enough about that. I do have some good news. New York Times Bestselling author Soman Chainani’s book “Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales,” is being adapted into a mini-series by Sony. According to my source Sony’s literary-driven specialty film unit 3000 Pictures has closed a deal for the rights to bestselling author Soman Chainani’s “Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales,” with an eye to turn it into a limited series. The work is a collection of 12 fairytales reimagined to reflect a new era, and spins the stories you know and love into thrilling adventures of mystery, magic and rebellious hearts. Chainani himself is writing the pilot and is an executive producer on the project.

 I’ve seen this book floating around on instagram so of course I want to read it. I’ve also always been a lover of fairytales, myths, and legends and even some retellings if they are done well. It’s another book I’m going to add to my read list. There also hasn’t been a good fantasy show on in a long time it seems. It’s been 4 years since Once Upon a Time came to an end. It’s been 3 years since Game of Thrones came to an end. Since the Chainani has a huge part to play in the series, I do have some hope he won’t repeat the same mistakes that were made with Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.