Can Gaston jump into the story to kill the beast? Please

The book I’m reviewing today is a book called Beast a Tale of Love and Revenge. Initially you would think this would be about the beast from the beast’s point of view right? Well this retelling of the classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast wasn’t it. The story went to hell quick. Get ready everyone I have a lot to discuss. Quite honestly I’m going to do something I don’t normally do in any of my reviews, its okay to read the spoilers. No really it is. This book was so horrible I don’t want people wasting precious time that they could use reading something better. This was the book I was subtly hinting at in my review of Woman in the Window that I actually threw this book in the trash because it was horrendous.



It was basically from the view point of the servant Lucie and she has a hatred for the Beast in his human form. After following her master up to his bedroom a rape scene happens. It is graphic and disturbing. She finds out she’s pregnant and wants to drown herself in the mirror. The wisewoman/sorceress who will curse him, magically makes the baby disappear. Of course when you think of Beauty and the Beast you think of rape, suicide and magical abortions right? Anyway the human master turns into a beast who supposedly is different from his human counterpart and Lucie falls for the beast despite raping her as a human. If people complained that Disneys Beauty and the Beast, and the versions written by Villinueve and Baumont are stockhom syndrome they don’t know stockhome syndrome til they read this.


Characters and Writing

None of the characters were likeable and the writing was cringe worthy scale bad. This was basically badly written fan fiction of the Disney film, Villinueve and Baumonts version with rape and stockhom syndrome. When Rose comes to the castle she is basically Belle from the movie with the same outfit. One example of the cringeworthy writing is whenever Rose/Belle addresses the beast she calls him, “Sir Beast” as if hes a knight of the round table in Camelot. What’s more dumb and ridiculous and quite frankly insulting is the author said she wanted to give the beast someone to love him in his beast form whether he turns human or stays a beast. I’m just thinking that she missed the point of the fairytale that that’s exactly what the fairytale is telling us that Belle loves Beast whether he’s a beast or not. Also lets be realistic beastiality would be gross if the beast didn’t turn back into his human form.



Is it worth the read?

I think you know the answer to that. Its such a terrible book its not even worth checking it out from the library. I wasn’t going to keep my copy of it but I also wasn’t going to donate it either. I ended up throwing it in the garbage. If you ended up reading and buying it just dump it in the trash.