Beach Read


Beach Read

“Beach Read,” was my first time reading from Emily Henry. It’s a book about two writers of different genres that have writers block. January Andrews is a romance author who believes in happy endings, Augustus Everett is the exact opposite. One night both authors strike up a deal, January will write the next great American novel, and Augustus will write something with a happily ever after.



The plot was excellent.  A book about writers writing something they aren’t used to, and eventually falling in love was something I knew I would like. The writing is excellent and it kept the story flowing nicely. I flew through the book in a few days and the characters were likeable. I could picture everything as I read like a movie while I read the book.



There wasn’t much I disliked. I was expecting more of a romantic comedy but it was more about not being afraid to fall in love and grieve which is still a good story.  I also felt like certain things didn’t fit into the book. The cult stuff seemed dark and heavy for a book like this. There were the usual romance tropes but it worked for this book.




With the flaws and what didn’t work I still enjoyed the story. I wouldn’t say it was the greatest romance of all time but  it was a fun read and I know I’m definitely going to read more from Emily Henry.