The Plot of Hunger Games Prequel Of Songbirds and Snakes

The Plot of, Of Songbirds and Snakes

Hi everyone this is your book blogger Bianca giving you new information about upcoming book related news whether they are writing new books and when they’ll be published to whether a movie or t.v adaption of a book is coming out. I’m friends with a few authors on Facebook and follow some on Instagram which makes it easier to get the information myself. Even if I don’t get the information from the author themselves I have my ways of finding out. A few months back I wrote a newsletter about Suzanne Collins new Hunger Games prequel book coming out in the spring of 2020, May 19th is the date.


The prequel book will take place 64 years before the events of the main Hunger Games trilogy. Its already ten years into the totalitarian dictator ship world of Panem and Suzanne Collins decided to pull an Anakin Skywalker trick and make this prequel book about Coriolanus Snow. It will explain how Snow became the monster he is. According to a description on Amazon he becomes a mentor to a girl from district 12 and he’s 18 years old and he starts to feel for his tribute. Already I sense a Anakin and Padme type romance from the Star Wars Prequels. Hopefully the romance if there is one, isn’t a cringe fest.



Okay I’m officially done with star wars prequel jokes. I have mixed feelings. On one hand the plot sounds interesting seeing things from a young man who will be the most hated villain in Hunger Games History, but at the same time a plot could sound great on paper but executed badly. My hope is the book won’t make Snow seem like a sympathetic villain with a not so great life because the sympathetic story-line while it sometimes works, it’s been so overused to death. However, because I love my fans and I’m a curious cat, I’m still definitely going to read this because curious minds want to know.