At The Coffee Shop Of Curiosities

At The Coffee Shop Of Curiosities

When Ava Harrison receives a mysterious letter almost a month after her ex-boyfriend’s death offering an odd job of taking care of an elderly man Ava agrees. Ava isn’t the type to be a spur of the moment or to take risks but this time she wants the adventure. So she packs up and leaves Ohio to go to the coastal town of Driftwood Alabama where theres magic around the corner. Maggie Brightwell runs Magpie’s a popular coffee shop in Driftwood. Underneath her bright exterior she is hiding a lot of pain. Both women must learn to let the past go and move on because change can sometimes bring the best surprises.



The concept for the book was interesting. I like magical realism and magical elements in books. I like the characters of Ava and Maggie and that it would go from one point of view to the other. The writing was great and I can picture the setting.



Unfortunately the pros were where it stopped. The story moved too slowly for me to keep my interest and this book is only 307 pages long mind you. Something was missing that would have given the book a better review for me. What it was? I’m not for sure. It definitely needed more sugar in its coffee in my opinion.





It was a great concept and the author tried. While this is my first time reading anything from her and it wasn’t for me, I plan on trying more of her books in the future. Thank you Sarah Weeks or the free copy of the book. At The Coffee Shop Of Curiosities, is available now.