Another Twisted Tale!

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Another Twisted Tale!

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Writing the next Twisted Tale?

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@bourbon_blu606 Yes! *And* a sequel to Stuffed. 🙂

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So above I posted a short convo of Liz Braswell and a fan talking about upcoming books that Liz Braswell is working on. Liz is writing a sequel to a kids book called, “Stuffed,” and a new Twisted Tale novel that will be book 12 in The Twisted Tale series. In September her  Alice in Wonderland Twisted Tale comes out. I know in the past I haven’t been a fan of most of Liz’s Twisted Tale books other than “A Whole New World,” and “Once Upon a Dream,” but I am curious as to what the next book could be about.

 Fans are wondering if it could be a Tangled Twisted Tale. A Tangled Twisted Tale would be an awesome book. If it happens to be true, maybe Gothel survived her fall from the tower and she wants to get revenge on Rapunzel and Flynn just as they were about to live happily ever after? I think it could very well be a Tangled Twisted Tale. Another theory I have is a Hunchback of Notre Dame Twisted Tale. What if Frollo didn’t die? Or maybe Frollos evil spirit wants revenge?

 This is all speculation right now. Liz hasn’t confirmed what book 12 of The Twisted Tale book is about, but Liz confirmed she is working on it and it is coming. Like the Hercules Twisted Tale I mentioned in my last newsletter, both Twisted Tales will come out sometime next year. I will update you all when I find out more.