Anne Glenconner’s new Novel

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Anne Glenconner’s new Novel

There’s been so much royal news coming out lately with Prince Harry’s controversial new novel, The Crown season 5 etc. I wanted to cover something many may or may not know about. Princess Margarets best friend and lady in waiting Anne Tennant who is also known as Lady Anne Glenconner is publishing a novel titled “Whatever Next?: Lessons from an Unexpected Life”. The new novel will be published in the United Kingdom next month and in The US in February 2023. Lady Anne is no stranger to the book world as she wrote about her time as lady in waiting to Princess Margaret in the novel “Lady In Waiting: My Extraordinary Life In the Shadow Of The Crown”.  Anne had also wrote fiction writing murder mystery novels inspired by Agatha Christie titled “Murder on Mustique,” and “A Haunting at Holkham”. According to  in the new memoir, The first column features a revealing excerpt on the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, Colin Tennant, Lord Glenconner.

 Here is Lady Anne’s quote

 Just about every other woman I knew was told she had to soldier on and not complain. Even the Queen, whom I’d known since childhood, worked hard to make sure her husband was kept happy,” Anne Glenconner writes. “So I knew that my role as the wife of Colin Tennant—later Lord Glenconner—was all about doing what he wanted, sorting out his messes and appearing cheerful while I did it. That much had been made very clear”.

 In the article Glenconner tells us that while she wrote the first novel “Lady In Waiting,” she realized she led an interesting life of her own outside of being just a Lady in Waiting to the princess. When Helena Bonham Carter was casted to play Princess Margaret for seasons 3 and 4 they both met and spoke about the late Princess. Me being a royal nut, I sometimes wonder what more can I learn about the royals, but Lady Anne Glenconner’s novels seem very interesting. I would like to know about not just her friendship with Princess Margaret and their time on Mustique but also about the life Anne herself led. There are so many novels to look forward to in the New Year her books will be on the top of my list.