Ana Johns new novel & Possible Woman in the White Kimono film

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Ana Johns new novel & possible Woman in The White Kimono film

For fans of Ana Johns debut novel The Woman in The White Kimono, there is loads of good news about a possible movie adaption of The Woman in The White Kimono, Ana John is still keeping her fingers crossed about it. Ana is also working on her second novel. Although I didn’t find out what the title is, I do know the novel has two time periods and where the setting takes place. The next novel takes place in 1976. There is a race to discover the undisclosed location of the monarch butterfly roost in central Mexico.

 This is based on the real life hunt and National Geographic publication. It also takes place during the violent political climate in Mexico. It will most likely go back and forth between 1976 to the present time. Ana Johns is very excited and she told me that she raises Monarch Butterflies which is something she is passionate about. After reading The Woman in The White Kimono I’m excited about her next novel taking place in a different culture. Ana is currently writing the novel and hopes to get the novel to the publishers by the end of this year, and have it released next year.

 I will update you on if/when we get more news about if The Woman in The White Kimono movie is happening.  I will also give an update of when we get more news about this second exciting novel. For fans of White Kimono, cross your fingers that a movie will happen. Happy Reading everyone!