Alison Weir's future plans

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Alison Weir’s future plans

For those like me who love historical fiction there is some exciting news. I was scrolling through Facebook and checking on my notifications and I saw Alison Weir post about Henry VIII’s sister Mary Tudor not to confuse her with his daughter Mary I who history will call “Bloody Mary”. Henry’s sister Mary was briefly Queen of France. Mary married him at 18 and King Louis was 52. Mary did not want to go through with marrying him but she made her brother promise that when he died, her next marriage she would choose her own husband. Henry agreed but when the king died he broke his promise again trying to force her to marry someone else. Mary took her life into her own hands and married Henry’s friend Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. Mary also stood with Katherine of Aragon when Henry wanted to divorce her for Anne Boleyn.

 In the comments section I saw that Alison Weir state that she has spoken to her agent about writing a book about Mary Tudor but they wanted her to work on other projects. Below is the statement from her. It has got me excited that’s for sure.

 I have proposed a novel about her, but my publishers oped for other subjects. One day, I hope to write it!

 While it might be awhile before she writes and publishes a book about Mary Tudor, it is in the future. Honestly while we see many books about the Tudors and Plantagenets it’ll be interesting to see a book about Henry’s sister Mary, instead of countless books about his wives and daughters. Honestly though I love almost anything Alison Weir writes and can’t wait to read more from her in the future.