A Whole New Story to get sucked into

A Whole New Story to get sucked into


A Whole New World by Liz Braswell is the very first twisted tale that was published by her and the first one I enjoyed. I know in past reviews I haven’t been into Liz’s other Twisted Tale books except for A Whole New World and Once Upon a Dream. The plot of A Whole New World is What if Aladdin didn’t get the Lamp? Some complained that the book followed the plot of the movie too much. Not necessarily so. Some bits in the beginning did but not everything.



I like the fact that we see Aladdin’s past a little boy and his mother gives him very wise advice. I also like that we see more from Jasmine’s perspective as well and she takes a more active role in the story. Jafar is just like his movie version, but he’s made more sinister and some would wonder if he’s insane or not?  At one point in the book he pushed the sultan out of the palace! Genies backstory and how he became stuck in the lamp was interesting.



I know the goal is to add stuff to twist the book around, hence the twisted tale, but I didn’t like how Aladdin and genie didn’t get to interact much, though I understand that so much was going on at the moment. Jafars a certain goal that he had other than being sultan, to change the laws of magic kind of felt ripped off of the bad Once Upon a Time Spin Off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland since that was what Jafar wanted in that show too. (Don’t ask me why or how an Aladdin character is in wonderland, but it happened lol)



Overall this was a nice quick read. If you’re into fairytales, fairytale retellings, and Disney films I recommend this book. Its worth the Amazon price I think, though if you don’t want to buy it check it out from the library at least. Its also a nice book to read when you’re in a book rut where you can’t get into much.