A Wedding In Lake Como

A Wedding In Lake Como

Tonight, I finished reading the second book of 2024 A Wedding In Lake Como by Jennifer Probst. Three best friends Maddison who everyone calls Maddie, Ava & Chelsea make a pact that no matter where their careers & love lives take them that they’d remain friends forever and attend each of their weddings. The three friends make this vow on their first trip to Italy. Ava is marrying the man of her dreams but is haunted by a choice she made that tore the friends up five years ago. Maddie is making a name for herself as a fashion influencer, but a scandal costs her & Chelsea has a great family and a wonderful husband but feels her professional dreams have taken a back seat. This novel has the themes of friendship, love, forgiveness and growing as people & finding your dreams not to mention the beautiful setting of Lake Como Italy.


Writing & Setting

The writing was excellent, and I liked that the story was from Maddie’s point of view. I could see the descriptions of Lake Como in my head as though I were there. I also liked the scenery of New York & Los Angeles too. I like how the novel ended it’s a more realistic ending.


Characters & Themes

Out of all the characters, my favorite one who did the most growth was Maddie. Maddie learns a lot about herself through the novel and I like how she and Ava had to realize that their friendship had become too codependent. Chelsea, I like her, but I felt her character was just there and if we didn’t have her in the story, you wouldn’t miss anything.  The themes throughout the novel are forgiveness, friendship, going after your dreams & about social media not determining your worth.




Overall if you enjoy stories about important themes & the beautiful setting of Italy, I would recommend this book! A Wedding In Lake Como will be released on May 14th 2024! If you don’t have a physical copy or a Netgalley copy, I suggest preordering it now! Thank you, Jennifer, for writing a beautiful story! I look forward to our Behind The Book on this one and everything you write afterword!