A Recipe From Rome

A Recipe From Rome

This week I finished the lovely debut novel A Recipe From Rome by Laura Botten. April Appleby only wants two things in life to move on from her ex fiancé and to figure out the secret ingredient to her mother’s pasta sauce. It’s easier said than done when her ex fiancé Ian keeps trying to contact her and her best friend Simon pops back in her life after 15 years. April and Simon on a vacation to Rome that his job is paying for, the catch is they have to pretend to be married. Join April as she goes on a secret scavenger hunt for her mother’s sauce recipe, sees the sights in Rome and encounters much romance around the corner.


Pros & Cons

I love April as a main character and I feel as though I can relate to her as we are both old souls who enjoy listening to older music compared to current music and we enjoy food. I love the descriptions of Rome its as though you’re right there. I don’t have many criticisms it was just slow in parts for me. I also love the Epilogue. I could see this as a cute rom com to watch. I want to see Amanda Seyfried to play April as she was in the movie Letters To Juliet.



Overall I enjoyed the book. Thank you Laura Botten for the early copy and for the opportunity to do a Q&A with me too. If you enjoy books that bring out the Wanderlust in you mixed with love and cooking, pre-order A Recipe From Rome which is coming out on September 1st if you don’t have an early physical or netgalley copy.