A Court of Wings and Ruin was the series ruin for me!

A Court of Wings and Ruin was the series ruin for me

“A Court of Wings and Ruin,” is the third book in “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” and the last book where the story is from Feyre’s point of view (there will be more books but from other characters points of view). This time around Feyre returns with Tamlin and Lucien to the Spring Court but as a spy this time around. Feyre wants to find out about Hyburn’s king and how and when he will invade both the faerie and human world. Its ashame I didn’t like it so much because I enjoyed the first two books so much. It seemed to me the series didn’t know where it wanted to go at this point. I had the 4th book on hold at the library but told the librarian I changed my mind about it due to the series going downhill and many hated the 4th book more than the 3rd one.



I like that Jurian the human warrior that Amarantha had trapped in her ring, has a second chance at life. You don’t know for sure what his intentions are. I like the idea of Lucien and Elaine as mates. I like that Lucien accompanies Feyre to the Night Court. I also loved it when Jurian calls Feyre out when she tells him, “You have a second chance at life and you’re wasting it wanting revenge?” Jurian basically tells Feyre that she is doing the same thing. I wanted to tell Feyre Jurian has a point. After all you’re using your magic and manipulating people so that Tamlin’s court is destroyed. I know Tamlin sold out Prythian and his people, but he wanted to get Feyre back after thinking she was taken against her will.



Feyre seems to become more and more unlikeable. It’s a bad thing when you don’t like a character whose the main character of the story. Tamlin all of a sudden redeems himself in the end. So Sarah J Maas goes from trying to force us to not like Tamlin in the second book to now making us like him again. It also seemed as though Cassian and Nesta’s future romance was random. I can’t see them as a couple. The first book was such a great start. The second book was great with magic and seeing more of the courts even if Feyre and Rhys’s relationship seemed like something out of a fan fiction story on the internet. This book I don’t know what happened. I hope future books with different characters as the main characters are better than having Feyre as the main character. Otherwise it’s probably time to hang up the towel. It seems as though the series didn’t know where it wanted to go. It almost reminded me of The Mortal Instruments series where the first three books were great and book 3 was a good ending, and then after that too many more books ruin it. If there are books about Elaine and Lucien, and Tamlin and someone else I might give those books a shot but I’m done with Feyre’s story.