A Conversation with Emiko Jean

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A Conversation with Emiko Jean


Author of Tokyo Dreaming


Q: In Tokyo Dreaming, we get to revisit Japan with Izumi and follow her as she moves onto the next stages of her life adjusting to living as a princess in Japan. Was there anything more difficult about writing a sequel? What did you enjoy about getting to revisit the characters and continue their storylines?

A: Writing a sequel came with its own set of unique challenges. One of the first things I had to decide was where to pick up the story—right after the events of Tokyo Ever After or a few years down the road? Ultimately, I settled on continuing Izumi’s journey within the immediate future. Next, and the most difficult part, was figuring out how to create a story that was similar but different than Tokyo Ever After. One of the strategies I used was introducing a new character. Without spoilers I will say that it was so much fun revisiting old characters and seeing this new character shake up their lives. 


Q: In this book, readers can look forward to Izumi’s parent’s wedding, the royal wedding we’ve all been waiting for. A lot of the book centers on preparing for the wedding. What can you tease about those scenes?

A: Yes! This book is full of love stories and one of them is the second-chance romance between Izumi’s mother, Hanako, and her father, the Crown Prince of Japan, i.e. Mak. There are several sweet poignant moments between Hanako and Mak. We even get to hear about their pre-Izumi college days—how they met, fell in love and eventually apart. 


Q: Fan-favorite brooding, “offensively hot” bodyguard Akio is back in this book. What can you tease about Izumi and Akio’s relationship in Tokyo Dreaming?

A: They are definitely hot and heavy at the outset of this book. But they will have their challenges. Akio is off to school in another city and Izumi feels the pull of the imperial reigns. It won’t be easy!


Q: In this book, we have the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite characters (and pets!) —from the Asian Girl Gang to Tamagotchi, the stinky dog. But we also get to meet some new characters like Eriku, Izumi’s tutor. Without giving too much away, what can you tell us about Eriku and writing his character?

A: Eriku was such a fun character to create and write. He’s very much at Izumi’s level, meaning he is wealthy and part of the peerage. He is also very similar to Izumi personality wise. Basically, the human equivalent of a golden retriever! 


Q: In Tokyo Ever After and Tokyo Dreaming, we get to some rom com tropes that readers can’t get enough offrom enemies to lovers to fake dating and love triangles. What are your favorite rom com tropes and are there any tropes that you like that you wish you could have incorporated into the books? 

A: Good question. I do love all those rom-com tropes—enemies to lovers, fake dating and love triangles. One trope I haven’t explored is stuck together. You know, when two opposites are forced to be in the same location for a period of time and feelings/kissing eventually ensues—so fun!